One School for all



After the admission of a child in AVM, our in house psychologists and teachers place the child in a group of peers that is most suitable to his/her age along with EQ and IQ level. An education plan is prepared for every student according to his/her abilities. This plan is kept dynamic so as to accommodate the student’s changing potential.

At AVM, we believe that each child has the right to learn at his/her pace and curricular modifications are made accordingly. For the students who are unable to understand at the pace of the rest of the class, our in house psychologists help them cope with the aid of remedial teaching and functional academics in order to make the child as self sustaining and independent as possible.

We also introduce them to vocational training such as carpentry and sewing wherein we ensure that a strong foundation in the respective field is developed. Vocational training is also therapeutic to those who find it difficult to cope with the rest of the class in the main stream curriculum. Along with this, we also provide them with therapies such as music therapy and art and craft.

Sports is also given special importance at AVM. We design games that the students find interesting. Special attention is given to their physical health and efforts are made to develop a team spirit among the students.

At AVM, we think that each child should be assessed separately and justly. The student must be allowed to choose his/her mode of answering questions and the evaluation must be done in a manner that is fair to the child. Our teachers understand this belief and are well trained to ensure that this objective is met.